12 Apostles hike up Woody Ravine to Tranqulity Cracks and down Corridor Ravine

A few of us joined Daniel from Cape Union Mart Hikes for a great hike in almost perfect weather conditions. It was chilly in the wind and shade but perfect otherwise.  I love small groups, but was a bit irritated with the 3 fast hikers who didn’t take any photo’s  but tried to see how fast they could do a hike. I guess that is all part of hiking with a hiking group…

We parked at the lower Cable Car Parking area, at Kloof Nek and started the hike along the Pipe Track for about 45 minutes. A bit of a tedious walk but it gets the body warmed and the views are beautiful if you take time to stop and look around.

Look out for the Woody Ravine sign, you can’t miss it. The Woody Ravine starts off rather steep and stays that way almost all the way up. This trail gave me quite a workout as you really need to pull yourself up some of the rocks so make sure you are not totally unfit. It is worth the effort as the views are absolutely stunning and you are in the shade most of the way.

At the top of Woody Ravine we turned right (heading in the direction of Hout Bay) and followed the path to the famous Tranquility Cracks. We stopped here for a quick bite to eat before following the path marked with wooden pegs with yellow markings on them.  You pass the Slangholie Ravine (which is closed due to dangerous assent) and either scramble up the hill or take the path to the left and up over the hill. At the top is a narrow path that turns right to the Cracks.

Tranquility Cracks is one of Table Mountain’s hidden gems, situated approximately half way along the Twelve Apostles Spine route. It is made up of a series of fissures in the rocks which form a labyrinth of corridors and a tranquil home to some indigenous yellow wood trees. 

We sadly did not have much time to explore so I look forward to going up again soon.

After a quick stop at the Tranquility Cracks we headed down via the Corridor Ravine. I found Corridor Ravine to be a bit slippery at the top, with all the loose rocks, but the view is magnificent and the yellow daisies along the way were stunning. You come out at the far end of the Pipe Track, then follow the Pipe Track back to Kloof Nek.

The whole trail took us just under 6 hours. Happy Hiking!


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