Sadawa Game Reserve

I joined a group of 17 people, (some old and some new friends) to spend a long weekend at Sadawa Game Reserve exploring and relaxing. When you hear the work “Karoo” you always think of the vast dry landscape, but don’t let that put you off …  the Karoo holds a magic of its own. For me it brings back fond memories of my growing up years in Namibia.

Sadawa in the Tankwa Karoo
Vast landscape of the Karoo with boundless blue skies

On Thursday  4 of us took a slow drive, stopping along the way to have a nice lunch, then carried on with our  4 hour journey. It only takes about 2 1/5 hours to get from Cape Town to Sadawa without any stops, but if you are like us, you will always find a reason to stop along the way 🙂

We were the fist to arrive and we were pleasantly surprised by the venue. The owners were waiting for us and gave us a wonderful warm welcome. I almost felt like they were long lost family. Once the rest of the group arrived we were allocated our rooms (5 STAR) and put our food into the huge kitchen which is stocked with everything you need and more. Sadawa has no electricity but we had no problem with the gas for cooking and hot showers and solar power for the basic things we needed like lights and charging phones.

Every evening we had lovely log fires going in both the dinning area and lounge area. The evenings and morning were rather cold but from about 12 until 5 you can manage with just a thin jacket.

On Friday morning we had a 3 hour guided walk with Andre (the owner) who gave us some insight into the fauna and flora and told us some very interesting stories about how they farm and bring  nature in to assist with the farming and keeping the land going naturally.

We had a lot of free time in between our hikes and made the most of this by walking around and taking photo’s of all the beautiful / unusual wild flowers in the Karoo.  After a bit of rain all the flowers came up to cover some of the area’s in carpets of pink vygies. There were so many different succulents and wild flowers if you just take the time to walk around and explore. Three of the Tankwa Karoo Windflowers were my favourite so I made sure to get some more information about them…

The Crassula Columnaris or Koesnaatjie; Bushman’s Candle;  and the very rare Colchicum Volutare (or Muisstertpatrysblom) 🙂

The sunsets and sunrises were magical…

On Saturday we went for a nice circular walk to the dam, where we had lunch and had a relaxing afternoon chatting, braaing and warming up with some wine.

“Sadawa Game Reserve provides visitors rustic, affordable Tankwa Karoo accommodation. It was established in 1992 and is located just outside Ceres. We offer a unique Tankwa Karoo-experience with vast landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and indigenous fauna and flora of this truly majestic South African Biome. By day it is a vast landscape filled with indigenous flora and boundless blue skies. At night the skies become a stargazer’s dream with vast expanses of glittering stars you will never see in the city.
There are various indigenous plants growing on Sadawa, many of which have medicinal properties. Game that one can expect to see include Springbuck, Ostriches, Oryx, Eland and many more.”

I couldn’t say it any better 😊 Sadly we did not see any game but then again, the farm is HUGE and I highly recommend you book a game drive as we saw so many signs of wildlife while exploring the routes around the farm. The Karoo boasts a shy range of browsing antelope and the majority of animals are nocturnal. At night, aardwolf, jackal, bat-eared foxes, owls, porcupines, hares claim back the veld. During the day, however, tortoises and other reptiles will be visible, alongside some meerkat and the odd klipspringer or grysbok. Other mammals likely to be seen include kudu, baboon, dassie and springbok. Leopard and caracal also occur in the area, but are seldom seen. Being a vastly different and unique biome, the visitor should as a rule not expect the Bushveld or Lowveld savanna “Big Five” or large herds of gregarious game.

“Enjoy a restful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Switch off and break away to enjoy nature and all it has to offer in the Tankwa Karoo at Sadawa Game Reserve!”

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