Cecilia Forest Waterfall Trail with kids

My grandson asked if I would take him to see a nice big waterfall… how can I resist! We have had a lot of rain but woke up to a overcast but perfect day for a easy child friendly hike through  the Cecilia forest to the Nursery Ravine Waterfalls. My grandson doesn’t hike as much and I wasn’t sure he would make it, but we had so much fun along the way, he had no problem getting up to the waterfalls. With our coffee stop it took us 4 hours 🙂

This walk starts and ends in the pine plantation of Cecilia Forest, off Rhodes Drive in Constantia. The first part is really beautiful through a patch of forest alongside a small stream. This leads to the contour path where you do a slight left and carry on up next to the river.

We turned right onto the contour path but wanted to take the kids up a narrow bush path just for fun. From here you walk along the main contour path until you reach to sign boards at the logged steps that  lead us up until we reached the edge of Kirstenbosch. Here the path splits again – if your kids are older and a bit fitter you can do the long way up (Cecilia Ravine, via Rooikat Ravine), but we carried on straight to Natures Ravine. This is a flat path all the way…

We stopped and climbed up to the 1st waterfall (not sure of the name) but decided not to stop there as there inst really place to sit at the top and my grandson was happy to carry on.

We arrived at Nursery Ravine, took the step up slowly… at the small cave (you really can’t miss it) we stopped and I treated the boys to waterfall coffee, sandwiches and my special trail-mix.

After our half hour break we headed back to the car all the while looking for strange shaped leaves and stones. The boys also enjoyed paying pooh-sticks 🙂

A magical morning out with the boys.



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