Devils Peak via Oppelskop – the easy way up

We only planned to hike up to Oppelskop but once there we carried on a bit further. We climbed for about an hour and half, taking it easy and enjoying the photo opportunities as we had perfect weather and were not intending to hike up further. This is really a much easier way up to Devils Peak with beautiful views over Cape Town 🙂

I’m sure you all know how to get to the Cable Way. Go past the Cable Way and follow the road for another +- 3km; Passed Platteklip Gorge parking and soon you will find another parking area with lots of trees on the left hand side. The pathway is sign-posted.

This hike starts with a fairly steep climb on zig-zag steps, leading up to the Contour path above. Look out for the singes because when you reach the contour path, you must take a sharp left at this sign indicating the route towards Oppelskop and Devils Peak.  Follow this path until you reach a sign once again that splits Oppelskop to your right and Devils Peak carries on up further.

Enjoy the view’s from the Oppelskop View Site for a while. I have tried to find more information about this ruin but the only info I found was that it was a old fire look-out shelter. If you want to do a easy hike then head back down following the Tafelberg Road signs from Oppelskop.

The weather was overcast and perfect to hike further so we followed the sign to Devils Peak. It really in a lovely contour path all along the side of the mountain. A bit further on you will find another split heading up to the steep Devils Peak path… UP YOU GO. We found the path rather busy and rather well used with quite a lot of loose rocks.

We did not go up the last stretch to the top of Devils Peak but stayed and enjoyed the view from the ridge just below. Our hiking buddy was just too tired and we were not going to leave her alone. We were however very proud of her for getting that far up as she is not a regular hiker. The Devils Peak is rather steep up and down so not recommended for beginners.

After having our coffee and snack we headed back down the same way but at the bottom turn-off we followed the signs that say Tafelberg Road. You end up in the road and then walk back along the road to your car. The whole hike took up 5 hours with lots of time for photo’s, and I take a lot of photo’s 🙂

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