Bloupunt Hike in Montagu

Bloupunt’s peak is 1266m high and 17km long! It was quite a strenuous hike but thankfully the down was not as bad as I thought it would be. This is quite a long hike and you most definitely need to be reasonably fit, otherwise it will not be enjoyable and it will take way longer than it should. We did not rush, but at times had to push the group a bit to keep moving. We left at 7.30 am and finished at about 6.30 pm. Last year we did the Cogmanskloof Hiking Trail, so you can imagine how very sad we were about the fire damage that happened in January due to someone making a fire, where they shouldn’t have. 😦 

N.B. A valid permit is required to enter the mountain reserve and hike the trails this can be obtained at either entry of the reserve at Joubertpark, the Tourism Office and the at the hot springs! If anything happens and you don’t have a permit nobody will know where to go look for you! 

The fire made following some parts of the path quite hard, but it was still very beautiful in it’s own rustic way. And up and over the 1st hill we go into a valley where we took a wrong turn but it was a mistake I don’t regret as it was lush green and beautiful. We took our tea break at the last water stop before the final and long up to the top.

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Up, Up, UP with view’s that just got better and better… The last bit I found tough as I don’t do heights and that was a bit narrow with a drop on the side. Thankfully only a very short section and I could crawl and hug the mountain on my right with a friend telling me not to look down 🙂

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At the top of Bloupunt! We had a well deserved lunch break and met up with one of our group members who left after us and took a chance that she would meet up with us at some point. (I would most definitely not have done that, but it turned out fine so let’s not go into what could go wrong) I tried to google but cannot find any info as to why or who put a sundial on top of Bloupunt. We did however find the visitors book and fill that in. The view from the top is worth that long uphill climb. The views spread are as far as the eye can see in every direction. As we reached the top the clouds lifted and we could see Robertson, Bonnievale and Montagu and a few more we could not identify. 

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Now remember… What goes up must come down… Not too bad but slippery at some points. We did the down without any stops except right at the bottom at the waterfall before the last section of the path back to the starting point. There are also three small waterfalls on the route down from the summit, which can be reached by means of short deviations from the main trail, and these are well worth seeing and are inviting a cooling swim if you come down a bit earlier and the weather is still warm enough. 

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And sadly we could not go for a beer because we took a bit longer than expected. Good thing I have a bottle of wine back at the farmhouse where we were staying and one of the ladies (yes you read right) made a fire and braai’ed our meat for us tired bodies 🙂

Overnight accommodation is available at Klipspringer Cabin 1,5km from the parking area. This is a stone cabin with dormitory-type sleeping quarters for 12 hikers in total – 6 in each room. Woodfired stoves, braai facilities, hot water ablution and toilet facilities are available. They were closed due to the fire that took place in January. The water tanks and pipes got damaged but the huts were fine. 

Enquiries & Reservation of Klipspringer cabin:
Montagu – Ashton Tourism Office
Ph: 023 614 2471

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