Constantia Nek to Table Mountains Dams

A great hike the morning, up Constantia Nek to the 5 Dams on Table Mountain.

The morning was cool and slightly misty. We all met in the Contantia Nek car parking area. Rather a busy parking spot with all the hikers, runners, cyclists  and dog walkers.

We followed the steeper and more direct path / steps, that lead up the mountain on the left side of the road. Considering how little rain Cape Town has had, the wild flowers were still really beautiful.

This path rejoined the road for the last uphill bend. And quite a uphill it is after all those steps 🙂 On reaching the top of the back table of the mountain, you pass the first of the reservoirs. (The smallest one is named De Villiers Dam.)

We continued along the road pass the Overseers Cottage on your right, where we stopped for water from the water fountain.  We continued a little bit higher along the road then took the path to the right us Ash Valley to the Mountain Club Hut (in the Diamond Valley) where we stopped for our tea / early lunch break.

From here is is a nice walk to rejoin the road that goes past the Alexandra, Victoria, Woodhead and Helly-Hutchinson dams all the way back to the Overseers Cottage where we went back down the way we came up.

A steep but relatively easy morning hike that took us about 5 hours.


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