Bi Khole Ruins, Zanzibar

Our holiday is almost over but I am very happy we got to drive down the beautiful Bungi mango tree ally once more while on our way to the Bi Khole ruins.  120 Mango trees on either side of the road! So Beautiful! Bungi mango tree alley
“Bi” (Swahili for ‘Lady’) Khole was one of Sultan Said’s daughters and with her wealth had an estate built as an out of town getaway. Local rumour has it that Khole planted one tree for each of her lovers. The Palace overlooked the ocean and is surrounded by fields of Mango trees.” 

We were told by the tour guide that the ground was left to the salves when Lady Khole passed away. While there we met a man who is one of the salve’s descendants and he brought his wife to show her Zanzibar and the ruins. It really is worth the short dirt road drive to wander around there.

Lady Khole must have had a beautiful view of the Ocean…

From here we drove to the Seaweed farm… Seaweed Center in Paje

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