Culture Tour in Zanzibar

We booked the Marimba Culture Tour via Zantours. This is quite new, and we did make a few suggestions afterwards, but we did have lots of fun and learned quite a lot about the local people of Pete, Zanzibar.

Our first stop was at the Machanga Cave. We did not expect this as part of a culture tour but absolutely love it. Just make sure to wear proper walking shoes.

Machanga Cave Zanzibar Culture tour
Machanga Cave in Zanzibar

From here we drove back to the village where we were dropped off and walked further.

  • We visited the village herbalist. Interesting but a bit long and he was not the friendliest of people we met that day.
  • From there we were taken through the village to see the ladies weaving;
  • Shown  how they live
  • Explained how the houses are built;
  • Where the water comes from; (Mostly wells)
  • Visited the Well of Jealousy – Kisima Wivu
  • And watched the local Sagando (Village Ngoma) sing and dance for us…

From here we were taken to our last stop for a Swahili Lunch Buffet. Very yummy.

Swahili Lunch Buffet on Culture Tour of Zanzibar

Late that afternoon we visited the Zanzibar Agricultural Show and was I impressed!



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