Places of interest in Stone Town

We did think of just relaxing on the beach but seeing as it was raining and not beach weather we decided to go visit some of the museums and historical places around Stone Town. I will not bore you with all the history of each place, but it really is worth your while to visit these places and learn a bit about the interesting history of Zanzibar. And in my opinion you really don’t need a tour-guide as you can read everything on the displays.

Our first stop was at The Peace Memorial Museum. This is at the southern end of Stone Town, near the junction of creek road and kaunda road in the area called Mnazi Moja.

The Peace Memorial Museum
The Peace Memorial Museum Zanzibar

On our way to the Saltan’s Palace Museum we walked past The Old Dispensary, also known as Ithnashiri Dispensary, is a historical building in Stone Town, Zanzibar. It is located on the seafront, in Mizingani Road. (Centre photo at the bottom or main page photo)

Walking Through Stone Town

The Sultan’s Palace was so much fun and furniture stunning. I am sure if we had to read all the info we could have stayed longer. You can pay a guide inside if you really want to learn all about the Sultan and his Palace which is really interesting. “The Sultan’s Palace, Bait As-Sahel was destroyed in the Anglo Zanzibar war of 1886, is one of the main historical buildings of Stone Town,”

The Sultan's Palace in Stone Town, Zanzibar
The Sultan’s Palace

From here we walked through Stone Town again to get to Old Slave Market/Anglican Cathedral. A museum that recounts the history of slave trading and Zanzibar’s role in the slave trade in East Africa. Extremely disturbing with heartbreaking stories of lives and communities destroyed by this horrific practice. The Roman Catholic cathedral of St. Joseph is one of the most important historical buildings in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Well worth the visit. We paid a guide to give us the tour and he was worth every dollar.

Quite a bit of history to take in for one day but it was worth it. Afterwards we just relaxed at home with some nice wine from Cape Town (bought in Zanzibar, LOL) and my daughter gave me a beautiful Henna tattoo.

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