Safari Blue in Zanzibar

This must have been one of the best days while visiting Zanzibar. Well as far as being outdoors and snorkelling goes.


It was a full day with Safari Blue tours. You go out to a island on a dhowa (boat) and stop along the way to snorkelling in the coral reefs.

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Then they take you to a little island that dissipaters at high tide. Right next to that we got to see a few dolphins. (Menai Bay is a marine-protected area and a sanctuary for humpback and bottlenose dolphins.) From there we sailed to a mangrove lagoon where you can swim for a short while.

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Then they take you to the bigger island – Kwale Island, for a lovely fish braai and beer. Afterwards you sip on Amarula and coffee.

Here is also a huge baobab tree that is very old. You may climb into it or just hug some of the smaller ones if you as crazy and nature loving as me. There was a huge hermit crab hiding in a tree trunk but we didn’t want to harm it so we asked the people to leave it be.

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I could seriously get use to this life… Safari Blue is very well organized and I highly recommend this event as one of the Must Do when visiting Zanzibar.

On your return to Fumba, the crew raises the lateen sail while you make a leisurely voyage back home.

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