Stone Town to Prison Island

We started the day early with a short walk through Stone Town  and got to see the Freddy Mercury House and some of those stunning Zanzibar Doors.

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After a quick lunch stop we headed off to meet our tour guide from Zan Tours, that organized Snorkelling gear and a Dhowa to take us to Prison Island. Changuu Island also known as Prison Island lies about 30 min by boat from Stone Town.

On one side of the island are the Aldabra giant tortoise that were a gift from the Seychelles,  – one of the highlights of Prison Island. Some of them are literally giants over a hundred years old, creeping around silently, while munching the leaves fed by the tourists. I was glad we visited but it left quite a sad feeling inside of me.

The island was formerly owned by an Arab and saw use for confinement of refractory slaves, but no prisoners were ever housed here.  The island became a quarantine station for yellow fever epidemics but is now just a tourist destination.

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After our tour of Prison Island we were taken to a reef to do a bit of snorkelling. The water wasn’t overly clear as the sea was a bit rough, so we weren’t able to see much while snorkelling, but it was still fantastic. We ended with a yummy ice-cream before heading home.


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