Baviaanskloof Hike

Do you ever wake up and decide that you just have to get out and connect with nature!? Well, I am privileged to be able to do just that from time to time. šŸ™‚

I have heard so much about the Baviaanskloof hike and thought I would take a slow drive and see if I could find it. If it was not for the security down the road that showed me where the path starts,Ā  I would have turned around and gone home. So easy to miss with all the overgrown bushes.Ā This beautiful short hike starts at Baviaanskloof Road in Hout Bay . (A dead end road. Don’t park in front of the driveways of the residents)

Simply follow the concrete steps and follow the path along a fence. At the split you carry on straight. I did come back and go left but turned around at the small streams as it was getting too hot and I needed to head home.

We have not had nearly enough water so the waterfall wasn’t flowing strongly but it is still a magical little spot to just sit (have your coffee or snack or even read a book) and get away from everyday life. The flowers made up for the lack to water.

This is a easy and very short hike (or walk) so take your kids and the grandparents and do the +-700m walk. A bit of uphill but you can go slow and enjoy the bit of view you get and the flowers. I look forward to going again when we have had lots of rain and I may even explore the longer hike into the forest I have heard about.

On my way back home I spotted theĀ Llandudno beach and just had to stop and take a photo as I don’t think I have ever seen it so clear and beautiful!

Llandudno beach

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