Zanzibar Island

When I tell people we visited Zanzibar and shared my photo’s with my friends on Facebook they only see the “tourist side of Zanzibar Island“. I thought it was a tiny island but was really surprised by its size.

It is a beautiful Island, but here are some pictures of Zanzibar you will not see on the tourist info pages. I loved all of it and found the people to be very friendly and helpful, especially in the smaller villages. Learn a bit of Swahili and you will find them even more friendly. There are no shopping malls or fast food outlets.

I am not sure how my daughter learned to drive here… that is a bit of a nightmare as there don’t seem to be any road-rules.

The flowers in Zanzibar are stunning so here are just a few of the flower photo’s I took,  but I won’t bore you with that 🙂


I hope you enjoy the next few posts of our Zanzibar family holiday.

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