Zanzibar Island

When I tell people we visited Zanzibar and shared my photo’s with my friends on Facebook they only see the “tourist side of Zanzibar Island“. I also thought it was a tiny island but was really surprised by its size.

It is a beautiful Island, but here are some pictures of Zanzibar you will not see on the tourist info pages. I loved all of it and found the people to be very friendly and helpful, especially in the smaller villages. Learn a bit of Swahili and you will find them even more friendly. There are no shopping malls or fast food outlets. If you want to eat the local food then see where there are many people buying food and the food has not been standing in the sun all day. Most of the tourist restaurants also serve local dishes that are perfectly safe to eat. No matter where you go this is always a personal choice. I love trying out local dishes and thankfully have a fairly strong resistance to the tummy bug. I would however drink bottled water or at least boil the water first. We loved all the fresh fruit and veg available along the roadside.

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I am not sure how my daughter learned to drive here… that is a bit of a nightmare as there don’t seem to be any road-rules and let’s not mention all the potholes. Many of the locals ride on scooters or bicycles and don’t wear helmets. I could spend an entire day taking photo’s of the different cyclists with their goods 🙂

A few basic greetings to learn in Swahili

  • Hello – A friendly “Hujambo” goes a long way. We also just said “Jumbo
  • This gets a bit confusing but Shikamo – is a greeting for the elders. It means “I hold your feet.”  The reply to “Shikamo” is “Marahaba“, meaning “I am delighted”
  • Thank you – Asante – You will use this word the most. Or Asante-sana – Thank you VERY much.
  • Pole – I am sorry for your misfortune. This applies to everything from tripping over something, spilling coffee…
  • Pole pole – “Slowly, slowly.” a word our guide used a lot when we walked to fast or had to watch were walking 🙂
  • Chakula – Food

The flowers in Zanzibar are stunning so here are just a few of the flower photo’s I took,  but I won’t bore you with that 🙂

Flowers of Zanzibar Island

I hope you enjoy our Zanzibar family holiday.

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