Little Lion’s Head Trail

The Little Lion’s Head hike is a fairly short hike with beautiful views over Hout Bay and Llandudno. It is however all up and all down with some fairly easy scrambling closer to the top. I don’t like hight’s but somehow managed this one quite well.

We all arrived at 6pm and parked along the Suikerbossie road in a parking area. From there we walked over the main road and straight up…

We had a few ladies that could not make it to the top as they found it just too steep, so a bit of fitness is required.

You cannot really miss the path as it is well used it is only at the top that you can get a bit lost. Do NOT take the path that lead off to the right or left after the fist few easy scrambles. Try and look for cairn’s that are marking the route. We took the one on the right but it is very overgrown and leads to nowhere. We did however get a beautiful view and this flower. Once we retraced our steps we were lead up by our guide who  caught up with us. (He was with the ladies that turned around)

The next bit up, is a climb through a crack but with plenty of hand grips and places for your feet to hook onto while pulling yourself up.

Once you get to the top of this climb just follow the path to the right over a few smaller rocks but it will take you right to the top with beautiful views.

We had our coffee, a snack and enjoyed the 360 Degree sunset view over Hout Bay, Sandy Bay, Llandudno and as far as the eye can see.

Descend the way you came up but be extra careful when walking over these loose stones because you can slip and fall easily. We were back at our cars by 8 pm.

As we got back onto the main road I almost stepped on a baboon spider. So happy I saw him move 🙂



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