Abseiling,  Kloofing and Swimming Adventure with Frixion Adventures

think I can say everyone had a really great day with Frixion Adventures! This day of absolute adrenalin fun was all thanks to Iain who organized and put it all together. “Abseiling,  Kloofing and Swimming Adventure” An awesome adventure on a private Protea farm in the pristine Limietberge.  All the gear and food for the day is supplied by the company. After getting our gear ( wetsuits, harness, helmet, dry bag, lunch that you make yourself with the food provided) there is a short 15 minute walk from the top of the mountain to the Eye of the Smalblaar.

We were given a briefing about the safety during the day and showed how to use our harness clips when we climb down the cliffs to the different pools. Safety is a big issue with this company. Some of the group stayed while the ropes were being set up and 5 of us decided to go down to the rock jumping pools for some fun. As you go down you can see the 25 meter waterfall that we are abseiling down today. From the bottom of the 1st waterfall you walk down and climb down to the jumping points. They range from 1 to 15 meter jumps.

We had another safety talk and then we could do the jumps. We were down at the lower jumping point. 1 to 5 meters. That was high enough for me as I am not very happy with hight’s but managed to jump just under 2 meters into the icy cold water below. While we took turns climbing up to the jump some even tried their luck balancing on the tight rope. (I stayed in the water and took a few photo’s) After having loads of fun here we had a quick bite to eat then waited for a few more to climb down so that we could head back up to the abseiling point. I only abseiled down once because I just got too cold sitting in the wind waiting for a turn but a few of the others managed to get in 2 and even 3 sails down. I still enjoyed sitting watching the others coming down and chatting to all the people. It started getting a bit chilly and everyone was happy to pack up and head back to our cars to change and enjoy a farewell beer. Even the walk up and down is beautiful.

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A great day comes to an end…

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