Contour Path along Table Mountain -Chasing Waterfalls

I have been waiting for a nice day after the rain to hike along the contour path on Table Mountain and this morning I managed to persuade my son to join me.

It is a easy hike and took us 3 hours. That includes a 1/2 hour lunch break under the top waterfall just off the path. Contour Path towards Kloof Nek Corner via Silverstream Waterfall

We started along Tafelberg Road at the very last bend before the road is blocked off with a chain, at the Devil’s Peak sign.

The 1st bit is uphill but very doable unless you a very unfit. Once at the top you follow the signs that say contour path… It really is a stunning walk after the rain, with waterfalls all along the way. The view over Cape Town was a bit hazy today, but still beautiful!

The 1st & 2nd waterfall… (Silverstream Waterfall onto Woodstock Cave for tea)

The path runs all along the side of the mountain and relatively flat.

We took a path up too a cave with a waterfall, for our coffee and sandwiches. It’s a bit of a scramble but worth it. I thinks it’s called the Woodstock Cave.

Woodstock Cave with a waterfall just above the contour path on Table Mountain

After our lunch we continued along the path to the end with a view of Lions Head and Camps Bay.

If you really want to you can go down at this point and walk back along the road to your car, but we prefer to go back via the contour path and enjoy the view.

A happy hike and day for mom and son… 🎒👣

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