Silhouette Hiking Trail

Day 2 of the Silhouette Hiking Trail

Waking up to snow was the most magical things that could have happened to all of us on this hike. We only got up just before 7 and could hardly believe our luck when that door was opened…

We made some coffee but the minute it was a bit lighter we dashed off to take photo’s of the poplar forest and area around out hut. We just could not get enough of how beautiful and magical it was.

Sharon even built us a snowman… before we packed our backpacks and started the hike back to the 1st hut. We could not do the 1st part of the planned route as it was just too slippery, so we stuck to the jeep-track for most of the way.

Before a long uphill we reached the old ruins of the original Eseljacht farmstead.

The last part of the hike the snow had melted enough to let us walk on the path and enjoy the melting ice dripping off of the rocks.

Back at the hut there was still a bit of snow that we got to enjoy before packing up and driving the long road back to Cape Town.

Places to visit in the area if you wish to stay longer or just have a relaxing farm weekend away: 

• The Planetarium. Open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 09h00 and 15h00. The South African Astronomical Observatory is east of the town.
• The birthplace of the author, NP van Wyk Louw. The house contains other interesting facts about Sutherland.

The farm Ezeljacht (Donkey hunt). Sutherland is about 350-km from Cape Town. Sutherland is on the R354 110-km north of Matjiesfontein, which is on the N1 northeast of Worcester, which is at the intersection of the N1 with the N15. Pass through the town and follow the road to Williston. Turn west 15-km from town towards the farm Ezeljacht. Follow the road for a further 5-km.

Contact Rudolf and Sunette Steenkamp for bookings on +27 83256 2688

One thought on “Silhouette Hiking Trail

  1. Lovely Tania, it depicts the entire weekend very well, short and to the point! Can we go back again right now? What a magical experience, one of the six, Loraine

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