Jonkershoek Panoramic Hike

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve is a CapeNature nature reserve located approximately 10 km south-east of the town of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape and offers a few hiking options. I have done the Tweede Waterval and Assegaaibosch hikes but not the Panoramic hike and was really looking forward to our hike.

We arrived early get our permits (R40) at the gate and register the one vehicle that would drive us to the starting point. Otherwise you must walk an extra +-5km along the dirt road. The full hike is about 17 km long but we were only planning to go up and come straight down the same way, as we are all a bit unfit at the moment and not sure we would be able to cover the entire distance before the gate closed.

As it turned out the weather was not on our side so it seems we will have to go back to do it again and hopefully we will do the whole route. We started off hoping that the heavy mist will lift by the time we reached the top but it only got thicker…

The trail is still beautiful but by the time we arrived at the 2nd stream the fog was very thick and we were all rather wet already. We stopped for coffee and made the decision to rather turn around and try again another day in Spring or beginning Summer.

Once back down at the car, we decided to have our lunch along the river.

After relaxing down at the river we drove back to the other car but decided to treat ourselves to coffee and cake seeing as we were not able to do the hike.  As we drove back the weather got even worse so we were happy we opted out.


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