Franschhoek Hike

We did a +- 15km Day Hike in Franschhoek up to The Old English Fort. I could not find any information on this hike and don’t think too many people know about it. Thankfully we had a great guide to take us up.

The day started off rather overcast and chilly but the sun did come out for a while. It is a reasonably steep hill so a bit of fitness is definitely required.

The 1st part (+- 5km) is all jeep-track and rather boring. We stopped for a few minutes at the river to have a snack and drink before starting with the slow uphill hike.

The long uphill hike with 29 people was a bit stop start but at least you get to stop, catch your breath and take photo’s 🙂 The group was rather big with different levels of fitness so sadly some of the hikers did not make it to the top.

The wind at the top was hectic and it was rather cold. We did not stay too long, but long enough to enjoy the view, take a few pictures and have a quick snack and drink before heading back down again.

Heading back down in very cold, gailforce winds. The hike took about 7 hours,

A hike I would definitely be doing again once we have had a bit more rain!


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