7 Fontein Farm – Gifberg

This was a very special weekend away with 8 wonderful friends! This is a private farm in the Gifberg Mountains near Vanrhynsdorp and thankfully not know by too many people. You need a 4 x 4 to get to the camp-site unless you make prior arrangements with David (the owner) to leave your car at the top somewhere and he will then take you up. There are a few other places in the Gifberg Mountains where you can camp and stay that you will find on Google,  but I just wanted to share the beauty of this magical place with you.

The cave-like camp is perfect for nature loves. We even had hot water showers 🙂

The camping spot were we stayed at the to of a hill built in a overhand / cave, offered outstanding views where we spent lots of time having coffee, sundowners, star gazing or just relaxing.

The  farm offers fun and rugged hiking trails, spectacular rock formations, caves, mountain cracks to explore, diverse vegetation that is unique to the Western, wildflowers, Cape San rock-art, a few rock-pools and waterfalls I look forward to seeing after the rain.  I have some beautiful photo’s but will only share a few special ones to give you an idea of just how spectacular it is here. We explored the farm for 3 days and I am sure there is still plenty to see 🙂

We wondered why the mountains were called “Gifberg” so I did a bit of research. I took this photo on top of one of the hills but never realized it was the “Gifboom”

The Gifboom is a large evergreen fynbos shrub or small tree endemic to the Gifberg of the northern Bokkeveld Escarpment just south of Vanrhynsdorp (northern part of the Western Cape). The fruits are highly toxic and were formerly used by the San for their arrows and also by local farmers to kill hyaenas.