Addo Elephant National Park

After our long 6 day Amatola Hike we decided not to rush back home to Cape Town but to stop over at Addo Elephant National Park for 2 nights and a day.

We had pre-booked a spot for our tent at the camp-site but could hardly believe how full it was. The Saturday evening was rather noisy and everyone seemed to be on top of us. Maybe we had just gotten used to the quiet and peace of the beautiful Hogsback forest.

After we booked in and set up our tent we took a quick drive before the gates closed, but all we saw was Kudu and 2 Elephants in the far distance. We had a relaxing evening at our tent and took a walk down to the Underground Hide but didn’t see anything.

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We were up rather early the next morning so after having coffee and rusks and a nice shower (very clean ablutions),  we headed to the main camp to do the long drive to find the other animals and the majestic elephants. We spotted quite a few animals but many were far off or just too quick to photograph. There are many Kudu, Red Hartebeest, Worthogs, Eland, Flightless Dung Beetle, etc and we almost drove right past a Buffalo relaxing next to the road.

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We also had a Zebra right next to our car watch us very carefully before his partner joined him for a cuddle 🙂

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We did find the Elephants and the one decided that we were a bit too close for his liking as he wanted to cross the road and made us reverse the car up a bit. Not taking any chances with that big boy!

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We ended our day with a lovely dinner at the restaurant. I had a great Kudu steak! The service could do with a bit of improvement and they need to learn how to make Irish coffee. 😦

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