Boomslang Cave Hike above Kalkbay

One of the best short hikes I have had to date and I have now done it 3 times.

Boom Slang Cave Hike

A hike from Boyes Drive above the Kalk Bay harbour entrance. The route took us through Echo Valley on the winding board-walk path, through the Yellow & Milk Woods and up to Cave Peak, from were we had views of Kalk Bay and towards Simon’s Town.  From there we crawled through the Boomslang Cave. You can go through this cave from either end.

If you don’t like dark places or crawling in sand on your tummy, then this is not for you. We took a candle and matches with and lit it up in the larger section of the caves.  The path is marked with arrows to make it easier to find your way from one side of the mountain to the other. DO NOT wander off on your own… you can get lost in that maze of tunnels.

This is the stunning view you get when you come out of the Boomslang Cave.

Coming out of the Boomslang Cave and heading back down. Depending on the time of year, keep an eye out for the beautiful Disa’s and other flowers.

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