Aquila Game Drive

What can I say… I am such a lucky lady and got to spend 2 wonderful days going on a game drive, petting rescued animals, relaxing and even having fun at a farmers market 🙂

Arriving at Aquila Private Game Reserve with champagne and time to walk around and enjoy my drink.

Buffet lunch was served at 12.30 but sadly it was a disappointment. The spread was really lovely but the hot food was as cold as the salad bar. Sending your food back (twice)to be micro-waved is not really what you expect from a 4 star resort, but then again the manager did come to apologise and hopefully sort out the problem for future visitors.

After lunch we all gathered in one of the Resort Vehicles for our Game Drive. The driver was a friendly and very patient guy who was happy to share his knowledge of the animals with us and happy to answer our questions.
We saw Hippopotamus, Zebra, Blouwildebees, Rhino’s, Springbok, Giraffe, Eland, Lions and a few other animals.

Watching the elephants walking down towards us and then having a mud bath was the highlight of the game drive for me…

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Towards the end of the drive we were treated to drinks (of course I would select champagne) and got to walk a bit closer to the Giraffe to take photos of them.

From here we drove to our evening destination at Fynbos Guest Farm. This was my 1st time here but I will definitely be going back. It is one of the most peaceful, relaxing, happy and loving place I have stayed at in a while.
The farm is filled with animals of which most are rescue animals that you can feed, pet  and just sit and watch…

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