The Rim of Africa Traverse One: Day 7

The Rim of AfricaTraverse One:  Day 7 (+-11 km)

We woke up rather early, so Marinda treated the 2 of us to real coffee while the men slept a bit later. This also gave her time to polish her toenails for a big event after the hike. 🙂

She had a rather huge blister that had to be “threaded” to try and take some of the pressure off for the shoe to fit a bit better. Ouch!

After crossing the river we walked all the way on a road to our pick-up point.

We met a few ladies who were on their way to start the hike and when we told them it was tough we had a good laugh at the expressions on their faces. The bus picked us up at Ysterplaat Farm, dropped off 2 of the group on route and brought back to our starting point.

I find it rather hard to say goodbye and knowing that it is over, but look forward to my next hike and adventure which I know will find its way to me soon.

I would like to Thank:  Johan for organizing the hike | Marinda for letting me know and inviting me to join her | Henk for all his hiking stories & Bjinse for his assistance in finding our route with his GPS, his knowledge of wildlife and the start. You were a truly great team to do this hike with!

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