The Rim of Africa Traverse One: Day 6

The Rim of AfricaTraverse One:  Day 6 (+-17 km)

What a beautiful sunrise this morning from the Sneeuwberg Hut!

Due to very little sleep one of the men woke up in quite a mood but we all found it very funny seeing him rant and rave he couldn’t stay that way for long.

This was another long day with very little stopping and when we stopped it was not for long.  No drastic up or downhill’s but today was the day for quite a variety of Protea’s.

We added a bit more to our day because we wanted to see the Maltese Cross up close for a photo or two. We are however so small compared to the cross you can hardly see us 🙂

It was strange to see how you go from the Cederberg Rock formations to a very different terrain with mountains, grass and large boulders. In a way it felt a bit sad leaving behind the Cederberg, but then again once you walk for a bit you see a different beauty around you. We had to fill up with water at Bakleikraal because we had about 11km ahead without any flowing water and didn’t want to take any chances. Good thing we did as there was almost no water for quite a distance.

Most of the walk felt like you were literal “walking along the Rim of Africa”… all along the middle of the mountain. Some parts had very poorly marked paths and just had to go slow and look for markings or follow the direction of the men up ahead of us who had a GPS to guide them. We had a much needed lunch break along the “Rim Walk”

The late afternoon stretch had absolutely no markings and walking through that grass is not particularly fun and you can step skew or expect a snake to slither in front of you. We walked like this for quite a distance until we joined the men who had decided to change our route a bit so that we could sleep under the pine trees and not out in the open. No problem we said and started the climb down the mountain heading in another direction.

We found a really great spot close to the water and settled in for the night. Pitched our tents, boiled a bit of water and had a warm wash inside our tent for a change. Being the last night you no longer worry so much about using your gas and not having enough. While preparing our last meal we finished our Jerepigo with lots of laughter. The men had all their things inside their tents and us ladies… well we looked like Hiker trash 🙂  Nothing in the tent and everything all over the place.  After we all had our dinner we brought out the big treat I have been carrying all this time with great care. The Lindt Chocolate! From the reaction of the men… it was worth it!

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