The Rim of Africa Traverse One: Day 3

The Rim of AfricaTraverse One:  Day 3 (+- 13.9km)

Today was one of the really tough & long days!

I have done the 1st half of today a few years back with my girlfriends, so it was nice to see how the vegetation has changed since. A few years back it was dry and part of it was burnt after a serious fire but now it is green with lots of flowing water and flowers. One of the guys was also really great with identifying many of the animal prints we saw along the way.

We had a very short tea stop at 11’ish and shortly afterwards we started with that LONG uphill. If I remember correctly it took us about 2 ½ hours to get to the top. But with a very rewarding lunch break close to the top to rest our tired feet in the cold water before we did the last bit of uphill.

The 3 men were slightly ahead and must have disturbed a bee’s nest on the side of the path with their heavy stomping… LOL and the 2 of us had to wait a few minutes for the bees to settle before we could carry on along the path up.

The saying goes “What goes up must come down”… It was quite a long gradual descent with not much of a path to follow, so you go slow and keep looking for piles of stones or just a small piece that might look like it might be the path.

Then came the, what felt like a never ending path, “round the corner bit” until we reached our camp at about 5pm. We had some really beautiful flowers right in the middle of the path. Made me feel like Mother Nature was rewarding us for our hard work 🙂

The men very kindly left us the level piece of ground to pitch our tent at “Hang Klip” or Vangstasie as it says on the map.

We had a very quick wash in the beautiful cold stream, made our food, sorted out my now slightly swollen splinter in my foot and settled in early for the night. We were all in “bed” by 7.30 🙂  I was so tired I did not even remember to bring in my washing and woke up half way through the night imagining my things full of mice holes or ripped by who knows what, but that thought did not stay too long as sleep was more important than clothes at that point because I had already been awake way too much with a throbbing foot and cramps in my leg. This is were the part of your brain kick’s in and reminds you that the only way off that mountain is to keep on walking…


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