The Rim of Africa. Traverse One: Day 2

The Rim of Africa  – Traverse One:  Day 2

(+- 13.8 km)

We woke up with the sun coming up, had our coffee and breakfast, packed up and left on our day’s adventure.

When we set up at night most of us wear casual shoes, but I discovered that flip flops are not a good idea and will have to get something else. Just before I got dressed I stood on a dried out bush and got a horrible splinter in my foot which was rather unpleasant the rest of the hike but thankfully I had a needle to try and dig it out and enough ointment and plasters to treat it.

Day two was a fairly easy hike even though we had quite a bit of uphill it was mostly on jeep track. We had a tea break along a stream with a small waterfall, on the side of the road just before the Heuningvlei turnoff. We did not stop to talk to the villagers but carried on past the village.

We had a short lunch break under some Cedar trees then carried on along the path to our next recommended stop for the evening.

We arrived at the “Heuningvlei Camp” just after 14:00 and were a bit irritated to stop so soon but in the end it was lovely. We rinse off our clothes, sat in the cold water, had coffee and rusks and just relax for the afternoon.

If the rest of the hike was like today it would have been a breeze. 🙂

Thanks to Bjinse and his knowledge of the stars and his laser pointer, we ended our evening with an astronomy lesson that was very interesting.

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