The Rim of Africa Traverse 1: Day 1

(+- 6km) We met up in town at 9.00 am and had a shuttle take us to our starting point. On route we stopped for pies at Kardoesie which was closed but the owner very kindly helped us out as this was also dinner for the 1st night of one of the guys, LOL. We then picked up our last hiker in Cederberg and proceeded through Clainwilliam to Kliphuise Campsite on the Pakhuise Pass to start our 1st Day at about 13.30pm. Our backpacks were heavy, but it was a fairly moderate hike and not too strenuous.

We added a bit to our day to see “Duiwel se Kruise” which we think is what the intersection is called we got to and not a rock formation as we thought. About 16.30pm we arrived at our evening stop “Pakhuise Pass” and set up camp close to a river.

Every night when we reached our designated spot we would either 1st pitch our tent or on the days we arrived a bit late, we would 1st go wash (no soap of any kind allowed) in the stream, then cook our yummy dinner, chat and settle in for the night. It was great fun to see what everyone was making as it gives you more ideas for the next hike.

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