The Rim of Africa Traverse 1 Maps, drying my food and packing my backpack.

About The Rim of Africa Hike

“The Rim of Africa is a series of trails and hiking experiences between the Cederburg and the Outeniqua Mountains, but because of the length it is split into a series of nine traverses. The Cederberg is a remarkable wilderness area of rock formations, caves, rock pools and incredible vistas. A rugged terrain with rich biodiversity”

I feel very privileged and grateful to have been asked by one of my hiker friends to join the hike. At 1st I said no, but it only took a few hours for me to change my mind and join. Thankfully I had the support of my family and friends. We were told it was only 50km over 7 days but after going over the map, it turned out to be between 80 and 100km! This just turned our hike into a bigger challenge and adventure 🙂  

On the website for Traverse One it says; “This is one of the easier traverses and suitable for all levels of hiking fitness” but I disagree! You definitely need to be FIT and have backpacking experience were you have carried a Heavy backpack for at least 3 days. I am reasonably fit and found some days tough going and my friends agreed! Tough or not, it was worth the challenge and adventure. I cannot even begin to explain to a non-hiker how beautiful it is and what we get out of those long days of walking regardless of weather and aching bodies; but I am going share my adventure all the same… 🙂


Packing for a 7 day, 6 night hike

It took me almost a week to pack and re-pack my backpack and get everything ready but every time I repacked my backpack it got heavier!

We had to pack for all kinds of weather but somehow that worked out fine and I had just enough to see me through. I also washed my undies and tops most nights.

This was the 1st time I dehydrated my own mince and various vegetables and prepacked my dinners with spices, ready to re-hydrate and cook. I was happy with the result but then again that could also be because I was so hungry after a full day of walking.

Now that you know what The Rim of Africa – Traverse 1 is all about and I am packed and ready I will begin with my day by day summery and photo’s…


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