Karoo Farm Hiking – KK Nature Walks

When one thinks of the Karoo / Oudtshoorn area you can’t really imagine anything growing there. It is either very hot in summer or very cold in winter, so how on earth can anything grow between all those rocks! Well I found out that after a bit of rain it is a truly beautiful and magical place and even though it was still winter our days were perfect but the evenings were chilly.

The farm is nestled between kloof and koppies that make you feel like you are the only ones left on earth.


It was great waking up to all the birds waiting just outside our room for their daily food.

We did quite a lot of hiking, but there is still so much to see. Most of the paths we walked were still very wild and you have to be careful when you push those acacia thorn trees out of your way, or they will leave a reminder or two of your walk. I had quite a few scratches and even bruises from tripping over plants and rocks. But that is what hiking is all about…

There were times I could not see where I was supposed to go but one of the dogs would somehow know, stop and wait for me. During one of our “little walks” I went up the wrong way and found the dog standing looking at me as if to say “Now where do you think you are trying to go” LOL

I’m still not quite over my fear of heights but definitely getting better… I went up and down places I didn’t think I would manage but with a bit of help and encouragement I made it and got to see the deep swimming hole. Pity it was just too cold to take a swim. Not quite as brave as the dogs who take frequent dips in all the water holes.  Hopefully next time I’ll get to enjoy a swim and maybe, just maybe, they would have made going up there a bit easier with some rope or chain. 🙂 Even the dogs were not always sure how to get up and follow their owner.

They had a bit of rain before our visit so we were very lucky to see so many mushrooms and moss covering the ground at places. I am sure once the spring flowers start coming up it is going to be quite a treat, but then again the assortment of cacti are just as special even though they are not in flower yet.

So glad to see there are more ladies that take photo’s in very lady like positions. LOL

Weekend Hike 049

Great weekend with wonderful people and I hope they have many happy hikers coming their way as soon as they are ready to open up to the hiker community.

If you would like any further information on doing hikes on this Oudtshoorn Farm, please feel free to contact me or contact the owners. KK Nature Walks


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