Helderberg Nature Reserve

A beautiful hike in a beautiful forest. We follow the Protea trail that linked up with the Leopard Loop Trail just inside the forest that we came back along with stunning views. Our lunch spot just below Disa Gorge in the forests that was rather cold (so make sure to take a jacket along) but very magical and you will want to stay and have a snack or drink that coffee you packed. Quite a bit of uphill to the forest and then some scrambling up to the point were you cannot go any further. Worth every step up and down. 🙂

Sadly my photo’s did not come out well. But that only means I will have to do this hike again!!

A few more Helderberg Nature Reserve Photo’s on my Facebook page.

Helderberg Nature Reserve 025 Helderberg Nature Reserve 036 Helderberg Nature Reserve 060 Helderberg Nature Reserve 047