Mountain Biking at !Khwa ttu

Ok, so us 2 ladies and my 14 year old son decided to go see what the 10 km Khwa ttu MTB ride was all about. Keeping in mind that my son is very new to riding and the 2 of us are not much better but have done a bit of gentle MTB riding.

Not really sure how we came to this conclusion but I really thought this was a “family fun” ride! Well… it Was a fun ride, but not so sure its for family with small kids. It has quite a lot of uphill, steep downhills and single tracks.

Sadly we did not spot too many animals along the way. The route took us 1 hour 30 min as we stopped to look around, rest, have fun and occasionally walk up or downhill. Even had to fix a chain that came off twice and repair a back wheel after slipping down a hill. Yes… us ladies did it! But maybe it would be a good idea to get the office phone number in case of an emergency when only 2 riders.

After this I declare that we really need to do a course on how to use our gears properly and learn a few more bike skills from pro’s willing to teach us. 🙂

You can read more about the 10 and 30km !Khwa ttu Mountain Biking rides here.

The best part was of course our delicious food afterwards. Khwa ttu make awesome burgers!!!

And here we start with the Down Hill. Not my strong point as it really scares me but thankfully I have great breaks! “On the 10km, circular green route the highlight is a 20 meter drop down a granite rock face to a water hole – a safer option available!” Guess which option we took..     NO, we took the chicken run down … 🙂 At his point (almost at the bottom), my son slipped trying to walk his bike down. The back wheel flipped into the air, came down with a crash and somehow came loose, but somehow we managed to figure it all out and fix it.


The question is; Will I go again? YES most definitely but, I’ll wait until the Cape has had a bit more rain and the flowers start coming out. In the meantime I will have to get my balance sorted out for some of those narrow paths and also learn how to use my gears on those up hills.

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