!Khwa ttu and Steenbok hiking trail

!Khwa ttu and Steenbok trail, Postberg, West Coast National Park – 13 and 14 September 2014

We all converged upon !Khwa ttu’ Main Reception at 11:00 on Saturday morning for a weekend away only to be feasted upon by those pesky little flying irritants who just love ears, nostrils, mouths, commonly known as miggies to which we hurriedly made our way to the restaurant for a cuppa and a wonder around this quaint little piece of history, !Khwa ttu is certainly worth a visit and the hosts will make you feel welcome!

Time being of absolutely no importance, we then made our way to our accommodation for the night at the Village Camp on the other side of the R27. It was very well laid out, adequate, basic but ample and pleasantly surprising.

While some people eat Loraine and I take a drive up to see the red flower I spotted while driving to the camp. It was worth skipping lunch 🙂

!Khwa ttu and Steenbok hiking trail (13)

Once lunch was done, we wanted a walk in the surrounding areas and we did just that, to the dam on the Wetland trail, again to be greeted by a cacophony of various bird sounds, the males (well certainly the weaver birds in this regard) eagerly awaiting approval from their spouses, who, by the sounds of it, were making their little lives hellish! And we continued our walk gathering a fair amount of ticks along the way (itchy just thinking of them!), for some of us, not all of us, some attract spiders, others snakes and others, ticks! 🙂

We followed the trail to the Sandveld trail passing through the other available options of accommodation in this pleasant little place.

By the time we returned to camp, it was time for a drink (or two or three), the fire lit, our Braai Master, Gary all geared up, our Potjie Queen, Inge, chopping away to make a tasty veggie potjie, whilst the laughter arose, the was sun setting, more merriment, more laughter, more fun and then eating so much, a feast it was, followed by bedtime together with the sounds of the night.

Star gazing or do they see something else … 🙂

Sunday 14 September 2014 – Postberg Hike
The next day began at 06:00, a quick breakfast and on our way to West Coast National Park. Entry was quick, no queues and made our way down to Postberg and once the clock struck 09:00 we began our walk into the flower land of Postberg.

We proceeded along the guided foot path, all 20 of us folk, having to watch our steps as there were plenty of holes and soft sand, and snakes, yes, plenty of snakes – Tania gave me such a fright, only because she had seen a snake (a mole snake) lounging out of its burrow sunning itself right next to the path, so I asked “What’s up?” to follow the direction of the pointed finger! No time for a photograph because he merely slithered his way back into his hole, quite fine by us! Although the animals were seen somewhat in the distance, it was almost a bonding experience being with them in their territory, we watching them whilst watching us!

The wind was still with us, it was not warm enough to take off a layer of clothing just yet, so onward we continued up towards the first rise overlooking the lagoon and out towards the ocean, 180 degree view right in front of us – awesome. As for the flowers, certainly a few that have not yet been seen by yours truly but the wind was not being kind either, bottoms out, cameras down, perfect, no, not quite, the wind blew that shot away, oh but the elements of nature.

We found the perfect tea spot on top of the hill overlooking Langebaan, the lagoon and another 180 degree panoramic view, again, awesome! As usual, Tania and I don’t sit and have tea but walk around taking pictures of flowers and whatever grabs our attention.

Time to move on again, so onward we stepped. None of us have ever seen so many tortoises, so many and a healthy lot as well, there is one and there is another one, great to see an abundance of these little creatures. Laura suddenly turned around and walked back in the opposite direction, why, because Iain had done his little snake dance and yelp! Laura was a shade lighter too and was not moving until he / she had disappeared from sight. It seems that Iain has an attraction towards puff adders because that dance only happens when confronted by a puff adder sunning itself in our way (well actually we are in its way, right)! 🙂 🙂 Well Puffie did eventually disappear but made the group on high alert for other slithery little buggers out there.

We were now again looking down at the plains below, the ocean in the distance, the purple haze of our spring flowers with zebras below, and watching mother and baby zebra frolicking in the daisies in those plains below. Just too beautiful for words, nature is so breath-taking, and it certainly captures your soul being amongst everything she has to offer.

Downwards we go, only to go up again, towards the Postberg’s version of the stone hedge, there is just such a variety waiting to be seen here, but again, if you are not on foot, you are missing so much that this reserve has to offer.


Again, we now heading down towards the beach but not quite a short, gentle stroll, we still have a lot of ground to tread so off we trod along the road but not for too long, we find our pathway back into nature, taking us through reeds, more flowers, until we are in those fields of spring flowers and, again, another snake, yes and this time a Cape cobra! He left us alone though and went back into his hole, thank you, Mr Snake!

Now, it is our time to frolic amongst the daisies, the purple, the pink, the yellow, the white spread of colour right in front of us as we are standing, dancing, taking photographs, what sheer delight and again nature in its utmost beauty, it is truly remarkable and such therapy, and we can just be in this sheer abundance of colourful blossoms with the eland and the wildebeest watching us, watching them.

It was certainly hard to continue walking and leaving this space, no doubt we could have stayed on for hours and hours had time allowed, but those hungry growls made us move on. Our lunch spot overlooking the ocean, the sound of the waves, against rock, sand and time to replenish the human form with food, glorious food!

A short break and then time to march on again, along the coast and then up again into the hills, down again into the valleys below and up again, and then back onto the beach for the last stretch of 15 km’s of walking through this amazing reserve.

For those keen hikers out there who have only done Postberg by vehicle, you have not seen the real reserve unless you walk along its paths. It is quite a revelation being right there walking with our four-footed friends sharing their space and the kaleidoscope of colour which this reserve has to offer at this time of the year. Remember too, that it is only accessible for the months of August and September every year, so make a plan and do it, it would be worth another trip again and again, so when the opportunity avails itself, my name will be on that list time and time again. No doubt every year will have just a tad more to offer.

Thank you Loraine for writing such a lovely story to go with our hike and all my photo’s.

Thank you to Iain for arranging the hike and everyone in the group for making it such a special time out in nature.

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