The quaint little town of Tulbach

I spend a day and night in Tulbach drinking Champagne, or as we are supposed to call it Sparkling Wine, lots of great red wine (too much actually… lol), eating good food and learning a lot about the history of the quaint but quiet little town of Tulbach.

In 1699 Governor Willem van der Stel visited the valley at the foot of the Winterhoek mountains, and named it “Land van Waveren” in honour of the Waveren, a prominent Amsterdam family to whom his mother was related. At that stage the area was part of the district of Stellenbosch, but on 11 July 1804 it was proclaimed a separate district with its drostdy at Tulbagh.

My day started with a champagne tasting at the Krone by the winemaker himself at 10.45 and followed with a very interesting tour of the cellars by his lovely wife.

All the turning, labelling and packing of the Krone Sparkling Wine is done by hand…

We did a walking tour through Tulbagh and learned all abou the Earthquake but as I cannot memorize every bit of info if have borrowed the info from the Tulbus Tourism website.

“On the 29th September 1969, the quietness of night was shattered at 22h05 by tremendous explosive sounds followed by a gigantic roaring, rumbling noise rolling forward like the waves of a stormy sea. Stupefied people rushed outside over broken glass and fallen plaster. The mountains surrounding Tulbagh resembled a city of lights as falling rocks acted like flints on the tinder-dry vegetation and started fires.

Many folk thought that the end of the world had come. Some in their terror, fled in their cars, while others gathered in groups in open spaces, and waited, shivering, for the morning. A few risked entering their crumbling houses to look for torches, blankets or something to drink. There were severe tremors throughout the night. Some brave people offered help at the Home for the Aged. It was the greatest blessing that the Waveren te huis happened to be empty because of the school holidays, as it was reduced to a ruin overnight.

A thick cloud of dust and smoke hung over the Tulbagh valley in the morning. The earthquake, measuring 6, 5 on the Richter scale, had left this lovely little Boland village in ruins, 11 people had lost their lives. Many had miraculously escaped death. The beautiful old NG Church, the school, the stately old Town Hall and many other buildings had to be demolished.People lived in tents, caravans and pre-fabricated houses for a very long time.

But accidents have their compensations! Kerkstraat was restored and has become the showpiece that it is today; the mouthpiece to display the rich history of this village.”

After our history lesson we visited more wine farms and of course bought a few of the good wines to bring home…

My room for the evening at the Vindoux Guest Farm and Day Spa. Stunning!!!

The view from my tree house over the water hole… Peaceful and tranquil!??????????

My breakfast was served to me in my tree top room. What more can a lady ask for!!

THE END of another adventure but most definitely not the last one…

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