Kirstenbosch Canopy Walk “The Boomsland”

My 2 Girls treated me to a picnic at Kirstenbosch this morning so that we could do the Canopy Walk (The Boomslang) which we never got to do that last time we visited the garden as they were still busy with it. The gardens are so beautiful that they are worth visiting often. And every time I go there are different flowers in bloom. Next time we will do a full day of hiking around the gardens before sitting down for a picnic or bite to eat. 🙂

Sadly my camera was not working, so I had to make do with my phone camera, but my daughter took plenty of beautiful photo’s with my husbands fancy camera that I luckily decided to take with. I really need to learn how to use it as the quality if really superior to my little camera.

Kirstenbosch (48) Kirstenbosch (7)  Kirstenbosch (33) Kirstenbosch (29) Kirstenbosch (32) Kirstenbosch (30) Kirstenbosch (31) Kirstenbosch (7)  Kirstenbosch (34) Kirstenbosch (35)

Kirstenbosch (6) Kirstenbosch (36) Kirstenbosch (37) Kirstenbosch (38) Kirstenbosch (16) Kirstenbosch (21) Just to show us how child friendly the walk is.. 🙂  Kirstenbosch (12) The view from the walk.

Kirstenbosch (39) Kirstenbosch (17) Kirstenbosch (40) Kirstenbosch (27)

Kirstenbosch (9) Kirstenbosch (3) Kirstenbosch (19) Kirstenbosch (24)

You and only see the walk is you are right under it, otherwise it is just blends in.

We had a lovely picnic after the walk.

Kirstenbosch (14) Kirstenbosch (43)  Kirstenbosch (44) My youngest daughter 😉

Noah and I took a walk around the gardens to see what we could find.

Kirstenbosch (26) Kirstenbosch (18) Kirstenbosch (11) Kirstenbosch (45) Skilly was also waling around in the sunshine. 🙂

The Avata flower (as we named it). I really would like to grow one in my garden.

Kirstenbosch (2) Kirstenbosch (46)

Kirstenboshch ~ “The Canopy Walkway is 130m long and starts at ground level and uses the natural slope to rise to 11.5m at its highest point. It is wheelchair friendly, and there is no extra fee to walk on it. Please note that the walkway will move as you and others walk over it. It is a curved steel bridge and is designed to flex and move back and forth, but it is completely safe and engineered to take far heavier loads and windier conditions. The walkway is situated in the Arboretum, the area of the Garden between the Concert Lawn, Mathews Rockery, The Cycad Amphitheater and Protea Garden – go to Van Riebeeck’s Hedge (at the top of the Concert Lawn), from there follow the path up towards the Proteas and Cycads, the Walkway is on your right hand side, halfway along this path. Otherwise, make for the Otter Pond and walk up towards Pearson’s Grave, you’ll see the Walkway in the trees on your left, the entrance to it is higher up the slope in the Arboretum, and you can walk under it and follow it to its source. The Canopy Walkway is marked on the English Garden Guide brochures available at the Ticket Office”.