Cape Point Hike

A full day hike at Cape Point with a great group of people. Out of the 5 hikes at Cape Point I think this one was the best! It started off hot but thankfully a breeze came up and it was very pleasant. Had some adventure with the baboons and ended with many steps to a really beautiful beach.

The 1st half of the hike was all uphill but the view was stunning. 

At last we start heading down towards the beach. Cape Point Hike

I could not find much about this Ruin except that it is the ruins of the Fortress Observation Posts. Disguised with fake stone facade. Built during ‘World War 2 (1939-45) and formed the anti-submarine “Diaz Point” observation post manned by members of the 2nd Heavy Battery of Simons Town Command, watching for German U-boats.

Just a few steps down is the Erica Hut were we have our tea break. The huts look great for a break from City life.

From here we head down to the beach were we stop for lunch.

One of the baboons grabbed a ladies arm to get to her lunch-box. The lady threw it and the baboon happily picked it up and licked out the crumbs. There were quite a few of them and not very pleasant. Thankfully the ranges came and chased them away.

From here we walked all along the beach to the Point were they say the 2 oceans meet. Then up to the top.

From the lookout point we head down towards Cape Point Parking but decide to go down to the beach…. WOW! A must if you go to Cape Point. Its worth walking down the +- 300 steps to a beautiful Diaz Beach. The current is too strong to swim but just putting your feet into that blue water is enough of a thrill.


The end to a beautiful +-10 km hike day. I would have liked more time at the beach but next time I will take a picnic and spend a few hours there. Having a wild card ( or green card really helps you save if you visit the National Parks often.

More about Cape Point:



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