Sunbird Environmental Centre Hiking Trail

Sunbird Environmental Centre (Silvermine Nature Reserve), which is located just at the bottom of Ou Kaapse Weg on the Sun Valley side.

From the Sunbird Environmental Centre we walk up the Silvermine River Valley, via Minetes Grove and along to the Amphitheatre. From there we head along to Cave Peak with spectacular views towards Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek and Noord Hoek Beach. And then back to our cars. A very nice circular hike but sadly we chose to go on a very hot day and not everyone in our group did too well. I think some people just don’t understand the difference between a hike and a walk… but I still enjoyed just getting out and getting in touch with nature.  This hike is not difficult but it does have a fair amount of uphill.

A swim in the river close to the start and end point, would have been great, but none of us had costumes with us and I think at this stage we just wanted to get out of the heat and head for home.


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