Sunrise Hike up Lions Head with kids

Going up Lions head early in the morning. Up at 4 and ready to go up in the dark just after 5 am. We thought we would be the 1st but as we arrived all the other cars arrived. Quite a few trail runners that time of morning and they are not very friendly when you are trying to climb up a section with a 4 year old. So impatient 😦

My grandson loves this hike and if I am correct her has gone to the top with him mommy about 4 times already. On this particular day we took the long way round as I did not know how to get him up the chains as his mom went up ahead so we took the slightly longer way round and by the time we got to the tree near the top the sun was already out so I did not see any point in going up to the top with him and getting past all the peopl. It really is a very popular hike in Cake Town.

He was not very happy with his mom for leaving him behind but then again I know he will make her do this hike few time more.

This is also a lovely moon hike but I personally have not done that. I do advise you NOT do this (actually any hike) alone as there have sadly been a few people robbed of their camera’s and possessions on this route.

Cape Town light from the car park before heading up Lions Head

 Showing Granny how it is done… 🙂

DSCN5478Sunrise over Cape Town and Table Mountain! A hike I will still do many times…

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