Krom River Trail – Du Toitskloof

This is the 3rd time I have done this hike and it remains really beautiful.

It was a full day walk on the Krom River Trail – Du Toitskloof, in the Limietberg Nature Reserve.  You do need a permit to do this hike or get a Wild Card and save on all your Nature Conservation hikes.


The trail started immediately to the left after the Worcester exit of the Huguenot Tunnel.(Paarl Tunnel) From the parking area, the trail headed back towards the tunnel and beneath the two bridges. The 1st half of the hike has quite a bit of boulder hopping with a few ups and downs. Its it not a difficult hike but I don’t recommend it if you have back or knee problems. ImageImage

We stop after about an hour of walking for a short tea break and an optional swim. As you know I love taking photo’s and while I was chatting to a friend I happened to notice a little water snake and with quite a bit of patience I managed to capture him coming up for air.


Part of the trail is a bit muddy but only for a short piece. The last part of the hike is my favorite were the vegetation became denser towards the kloof. With dripping moss and chains between the trees to help you down the steeper path.The last section leads through indigenous riverine forest to the first waterfall were most people seem to stop for lunch and a swim.


I have always managed to be a bit more adventurous and climb up the chains and slippery rocks to the top waterfall. It really is worth the effort climbing up there. If you are lucky you will find the Disa in flower from about January to February. I have only managed to see them once and then only a very few of them.


I tried to take a panoramic photo of the top waterfall section, but the lighting was rather hazy and I could not get the setting right. There is not much sun at the 2 waterfalls and it got rather cold during our lunch break so I am very happy I took my fleece top with me.


Coming back down is just as tricky as going up…


This is is the lower waterfall next to the chains going up and down.


My prince is waiting for his kiss.. 🙂


A hike I am sure to do a few time more with the group.